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Game News
Welcome to the Knights_of_Shu Official site! 

Requirements for KoS:

No level requirement!
Donate Money
Do bravery quest

The KoS are Knights who serve Shu under Valkarey. You are expected to follow orders, do guild quest, Be active to the guild, and all the other stuff that I dont feel like including.

Guild News


Valkarey, Oct 2, 10 1:56 AM.
Site is now Active! Be sure to make an account and post here dailey.
Events ongoing:

Reach level 120 by Thanksgiving!

Reward: Unknown yet.
Date Started: 10/01/10
Date Finish: 11/25/10

Description: To increase the KoS power, we have come up with this leveling event. Everyone in the guild can participate(Yes, you too nobles!). The reward for this event may be a rank up to knight, or some gold.
Note: Nobles may get a different reward.
In order to enter the chat room, you must be at least an associate of the guild.
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